Why should your business work with a recruitment company?

Friday May 10th, 2019

Even the best in-house recruitment teams gain added value from working with a specialist IT recruitment agency. 

Below we’ve covered exactly what benefits an experienced niche recruitment consultancy can bring.


Knowledge of the market

As we specialise in IT roles, we’ve got a thorough grasp of the industry and can give our clients insight into trends and challenges.

We have a large network of IT professionals – who we speak to regularly – to keep on top of rates, emerging skills, and trending attitudes in the industry.

Often, our clients experience similar challenges, so we can advise on alternative solutions and save our clients’ time.

Specialist IT recruiters are fully immersed in their field, every day, so you don’t need to do any of the research and footwork that’s required to find the top talent.


Salesforce recruitment team


Extended reach

When you’re looking for a specialist IT role it can be very difficult.

People who have niche skills often have relationships with their trusted recruiters and don’t want to spend all of their time searching for opportunities. A great deal of the IT professionals we work with will call us first when they’re available.

Our network grows organically day-by-day and we love to connect our clients with people that would normally be off the radar to an in-house team.


IT recruitment marketing professional


Help with IT recruitment marketing

We work with a lot of SMEs that don’t have the resources to market their brand, or their unique area within the business, themselves.

Because of the way we commit ourselves into each clients’ landscape, we can then market their brand to potential candidates in a way no “pile ‘em high” agencies could.

With our clients, we’re able to represent them accurately and effectively when met with probing questions from applicants.


IT recruitment team working at desk


Shortage of IT candidates

More and more employers are concerned about the sufficient availability of candidates. It’s no secret that there’s a talent drought happening.

Good IT recruitment agencies are constantly tracking data and trends, and are therefore able to foresee these shifts and advise their clients in good time.

At the same time, your IT recruitment agency should be able to react internally to prepare for these challenges as there will always be some organisations that need a quick placement.


IT recruitment team in meeting


Flexible solutions

There’s been a growing need for companies to have short-term access to certain skills.

This more agile approach requires someone to be placed quickly while demand is high, and for them to finish when it dips again.

Solutions like Capability as a Service allow organisations to have access to a pool of talent, that can be utilised on a flexible basis.



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