There’s only so much you can tell from a CV.

It’s the interview that really allows you to explore what an IT professional can bring to your business. Right? Well, not quite.

We believe that good recruitment is a combination of art and science. The art comes from our expertise and intuition from decades of experience in IT recruitment. The science comes from our proven recruitment frameworks and ISO9001 accredited processes.


Plus, Thomas InternationalTM assessments add a further layer of science to the recruitment and interview process, by analysing aspects of an IT professional that a face-to-face meeting simply cannot.

These highly respected assessments analyse the candidate’s professional behaviour as well as general intelligence and ability to cope with a range of workplace tasks.

Either conducted as part of an interview, or in advance online, the key tools that we use are:

  • Personal Profile Assessment (PPA)
    This assessment analyses a person’s workplace behavioural characteristics and is presented in the familiar DISC format. It compares this against their behaviour under pressure, allowing you to confirm the best possible cultural and team dynamic fit for your role and company.

    Profiles can also be compared against sample results from existing staff to ensure the most effective match.

  • General Intelligence Assessment (GIA/TST)
    How quickly can a candidate adapt to change and how well do they retain new skills and procedures? How well can they work accurately and at speed? The GIA test answers this by analysing the mental agility and logical reasoning capacity of a candidate.

    Carried out under strict time limits, this online test (and its paper-based equivalent, TST, for use on large groups) provides a range of measures which can be compared to the requirements of any specific role.

When are psychometric assessments used?

Jumar’s team of IT recruitment professionals have been using these tests for many years and instinctively knows which test to use and when.

Generally, however, they are used to great effect on our Assessment Days, and for positions where cultural fit is particularly important, or where there is a specific team dynamic/skillset that needs a precise match.

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