Candidate expectations have changed dramatically. What may have worked a few years ago, will require a new approach to recruit and retain candidates.

Bespoke training course

This free 1-day course is bespoke, interactive and highly practical, delivered by our experienced IT recruitment specialists. It covers tried-and-tested, time-saving techniques for building your employer brand, getting candidates enthused about your vacancy and company, and maximising interview-to-offer rates.

How will you benefit?

The practical techniques taught in this session will enable you to ‘sell’ your company at a time when candidates are often in the driving seat. We’ll also help you to:

  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors, allowing you to secure the best talent available
  • Become more ‘lean’: Optimise the ratios of CV to Interview to Offer and beyond (including staff retention)
  • Save time and reduce management overhead when recruiting
  • Enhance your expertise and help to streamline your recruitment process, with each attendee receiving a take-home toolkit designed to streamline future recruitment drives.

Topics covered

  • Job specification: the importance of ‘selling’ your vacancy and the opportunity
  • The CV: Recognising the best talent quickly
  • Interviews: The concept of a two-way job meeting
  • Selection: How to efficiently make sense of the mountain of information
  • Closing the deal: How to ensure the best candidates don’t get away.

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