Scala’s growth in popularity over the last few years has caused quite a stir.

With organisations such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Sony preferring this concise programming language, taking the time to learn Scala is looking like a sensible investment for developers.

Your next move after Java?

Scala was designed to address the criticisms and vulnerabilities of Java but also runs alongside it, using the Java platform. It’s this design that makes Scala a common choice for modern application development when a more functional approach is preferred.

There are alternatives such as Ceylon and Kotlin, languages that were also created as to improve on Java and run in the JVM. However, these languages stay close to the Java syntax – great for Java users to learn without difficulty but limiting in ways that Scala is not. Scala stripped the restrictive features of Java meaning that the initial learning curve may be steep but the results are rewarding.

Better code?

There are lots of talented developers that could write practically anything in Java, but there are very few that could do so in a way that it could easily understood by other developers. The complex structure of Scala, and some of the more daunting language features, gives users a basis for writing better code and increasing performance. The Scala compiler, one of the language’s many triumphs, can infer terms that often need to be explicitly specified in Java.

Growth in the IT jobs market

We’ve recorded an 9% increase in permanent Scala Developer salaries, and a 7% increase in contract Scala Developer day-rates, over the last year. The growth is perhaps unsurprising as organisations such as Twitter, FourSquare and Wix are almost exclusively using Scala, with Netflix, Amazon, Google and others hiring Scala developers for a number of large projects too.


If you’re a Java developer looking to learn Scala, we’ve got a fantastic opportunity to discuss with you.

We’re looking for developers to join a talented team working on large digital transformation projects within the public sector. You’ll be given FREE classroom Scala training which you’ll use to write code for world-class new and existing systems.

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