Interview Tips: How to make a great first impression

Thursday January 11th, 2018

Congratulations! You’ve landed a potentially life-changing interview for a new position. But how do you make the best impression in such a small amount of time?
Before you head in, check out these top interview tips from Jumar’s IT resourcing expert, Daniel Freeman.


It’s not just the interviewer assessing you

Remember that you may be assessed from the moment you arrive on the premises. Any pre-interview interactions with security, receptionists and passing employees, could be used to consider your compatibility with the company.


Not late, and not too early

Basic time-keeping is expected for all jobs. To make a good impression, plan to arrive 10 minutes early to your interview. Also, there is such thing as arriving too early. Interviewers have got a day job to fit around seeing you, so you should respect their time as much as possible.


Dress to impress

Different industries have varying expectations for how candidates and employees should be dressed. Tech companies are becoming increasingly synonymous with the Silicon Valley t-shirt and jeans dress style, but most large UK IT companies still expect business attire. If in doubt, speak to your recruitment consultant to find out what is expected.



Positivity spreads. When people see a happy face, the reward centres in their brain become activated, releasing feel-good neurotransmitters that make them happy too.

Not to mention that people see a smiling person as intelligent, sincere and reliable.


Use the language of your body

Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way to connect with someone and build understanding. When people say they have a good feeling about someone it is usually from the synchronous behaviour that they’re not consciously aware of.

Of course, you don’t need to mirror every move, that would likely freak most people out. But you should pay attention to their body language and react accordingly. Are they relaxed? Then you should relax too. Are they enthusiastic about a certain topic? Then you should show your enthusiasm whilst listening.


Summarise your experience

Every interview will involve you talking about yourself and your relevant experience. Plan out what to say beforehand so you don’t go off on a tangent or bore everyone in the room. Try to keep it short and sweet – what have you done in the past which would make you suitable for the position that you’re applying for?


Show off your knowledge

Many people study the business and industry but have no idea how to drop this into an interview naturally.
You can either sit through the interview hoping that they ask you ‘what do you know about the company?’, or you can answer interview questions in a way that links your experience with your knowledge of the company. Practise competency-based questions at home and drop in relevant facts about your prospective hirers.


Ask questions

An interview is about your decision to join as much as it’s about the company’s decision to hire you.
Asking questions not only makes you look interested in the position, which is attractive for employers, it also gives you the chance to understand what you’re getting in to.


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