Counter offers. We’ve seen the same scenario countless times in recruitment.

You smash through all of the interviews for the job of your dreams, hand in your notice and then your current employer throws a curveball.

But is a higher salary all that you were looking for in a new position? Probably not. If you felt that you were underpaid, you’d have asked your manager for a raise.

Don’t mistake your employer’s offer as a suggestion that your working experience will improve alongside your pay packet. It’s costly to recruit your replacement and throwing you a few more G’s is much more economical for them.

depressed lego man who accepted a counter offer instead of leaving for the job of his dreams

A recent story involves a talented developer, an accepted counteroffer and another year dissatisfied in a job they regretted not leaving. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, as we were able to connect them with an exciting new role at a top software house.

For every bazillion counter offers accepted, there is one happy employee. To check if this is you, read Omar’s counter-offer reaction process.

Alternatively, if you think it’s time, check out the Jumar job board for your next move.




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