Developer Assessment Day – Innovative approach to resourcing niche IT talent


Legal Logic Systems is a provider of case management software solutions to the legal industry. Located in Warrington, its team of Developers, Testers, Managers and Analysts deliver and support applications to support a team of more than 150 legal professionals and case handlers.


The challenge

The primary recruitment challenge facing Legal Logic Systems is that there is a great deal of competition for developers with the specific skills they require.

These ‘hard-to-find’ roles posed particular difficulties for generalist IT recruiters, who don’t have the breadth of network that Jumar has built up over many years.

Recruiting IT staff into a legal environment often proves difficult, and requires additional activity on the part of recruiters to communicate the advantages of the industry and the client’s strategic plans to the candidate pool.


The solution

We recognised that – in this case – an approach was needed that was more innovative than traditional recruitment.

Using our experience in working with niche skills and also our philosophy to tailor recruitment processes to our clients, we worked with Legal Logic Systems to develop an assessment day to enable:

  • The company to see all aspects of the candidate’s skills, ability, personality and teamworking ethic
  • The candidates to find out more about the company, and ask questions and address any misconceptions

We identified that, for the types of roles on offer, Junior/Graduate Developers would be the most appropriate level at which to recruit, as they have a tendency to be more receptive to this specific environment, and have the right mindset and levels of ambition to succeed.

Our consultative candidate-centric approach means we devote considerable time to working with our candidates to ensure the role is the right fit for their career aspirations.


Benefits of an Assessment Day

The assessment day itself was the culmination of a careful candidate selection process in which Jumar shortlisted a number of developers from its own known pool of resources and the wider market.

Once the shortlist had been confirmed, candidates were invited to attend the assessment day where they undertook a series of mental, logic and technical challenges.

The aim of the day, which was attended by representatives from Legal Logic Systems, was to allow the candidates to present ‘the whole person’, showcasing their team-working, communication and people skills alongside their technical capabilities.

A key part of the assessment event was the use of the well-respected Thomas InternationalTM assessments, which give an insight into the candidates’ mental agility. The group undertook a series of tests which analysed how quickly and accurately they can work and carry out simple tasks in their head.


The outcome

The results from the Thomas International assessments were combined with the output of technical testing papers and the group and individual challenges to give Legal Logic a broad assessment of all candidates.

From this, a further shortlist was created for further investigation and ultimately interview.

Legal Logic Systems were so pleased with the quality of candidates that they took on an additional candidate from the group presented. We were delighted that despite the challenging marketplace, we were able to exceed their expectations.

“This method of recruitment has proved to be hugely successful, and has allowed us to really get to know the candidates to ensure a high level of technical and cultural fit. Working with Jumar in this way has allowed us to select the best people to deliver our IT strategy and to put us in a great position for the future”


Ian King, Legal Logic Systems’ managing director

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