It’s January – time to dust off the ol’ CV and drive up job search efforts.

Eleanor, Jumar’s internal talent acquisition manager, shares her top CV tips below.



This is most-important to stand out straight away.

We get huge numbers of CVs arrive at our desks and, although we will always read every application submitted, we only have so many hours in the day to get through them. This means that any CVs that obviously match the skills and experience of the job description will stand out above the rest.

Being an experienced recruitment team means that we’re able to often see beneath the detail, but give yourself an advantage by tailoring your CV to the job you’re applying to. Make sure it is loaded with keywords and put your most relevant experience at the top of the page. By consciously applying for each position, you give yourself a chance to really consider whether the role is the right one for you.



Gaps in your CV are no biggie.

Unexplained gaps can cause employers to ask questions – 20% of employers will be put off by gaps in your CV. It’s perfectly normal to take time out to bring up children or try your hand at starting their own business, but please make us aware so we’re not wondering. This is especially important if you are currently out of work. Honesty really is the best policy here.


Most recruitment CRM and application systems will be able to process Word documents better than PDF’s, so it is recommended that you send your CV in a simple Word format which is limited to one or two clear fonts. Colours, text boxes and funky layouts can get jumbled up when uploaded to our system so the simpler the better! And please don’t feel the need to add a picture of yourself, it’s not necessary!



Uninteresting hobbies really don’t add any value to your CV.

Most humans will enjoy reading, cycling and socialising with friends and family, so if you’re going to talk about your personal life, at least tell us something different. List key personal achievements, or let us know what kind of things you’re working on in your free time and don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with it.

We take pride in understanding our clients’ personality and culture, so if your individuality shines through your CV then you’re more likely to stand out. It is also best to keep your personal circumstances private – you do not need to write your children’s names or their ages on your CV, we can discuss that over the phone!



Big names sell.

If you can name a well-known company that you’ve worked for or with then please do. Seeing a recognisable brand instantly gets my attention and there’s a lot of assumptions that I then begin to make about your suitability for the position we’re filling.


You would not believe the number of CVs we get through that are missing contact details. You could be the perfect fit, a no-brainer, but how will we ever progress?

Triple-check that your contact details are up-to-date and are clear on the page. Any time lost chasing geese could be better spent on getting you placed in your perfect role.




Even with a perfect CV, you can tumble at the last hurdle if you don’t name your file sufficiently. A ‘CV.doc’ will often get lost in a system to never be found again.

I would suggest you follow the format below.

[First Name] [Second Name] [CV] [short keywords phrase].doc

e.g. Eleanor Baldwin CV Experience IT Recruiter.doc


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